Istanbul University Press

Scholarly publishing at Istanbul University has a deep-rooted past in parallel with the University’s history. Istanbul University extends back to 1453 when the New Age began in the world history. On that date, the educational institution called Fatih Madrasa was founded and it paved the way to Darülfünûn (the institutions of higher education) which evolved into Istanbul University in 1933. Throughout centuries, education in a number of sciences and fields (such as medicine, mathematics, astronomy, cartography, geography, history, philosophy, religion, literature, philology, law, etc.) became available.

Books and journals published by Istanbul University date from 1900s. Publishing in a number of subjects from all disciplines across science, medicine, social sciences and humanities, Istanbul University has had an ever-expanding portfolio of over 9 thousand books including monographs, academic reference, textbooks, books for professionals and books for graduate students. Besides books, academic journals published since 1900s constitute another significant asset. Darülfünûn Faculty of Medicine Journal, Darülfünûn Faculty of Letters Journal and Darülfünûn Faculty of Science Journal are the oldest journals that Istanbul University started to publish in 1916. These journals have been continued to be published with the changes in their titles.